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Neophyte – The life of a writer.

I have to admit, I had to look this daily prompt up. Neophyte definitely applies to me. I am a novice blogger but my experience and confidence are growing. The daily prompts are invaluable. I like being a novice. The beginning stage of a new adventure, a new experience, a new life lesson is inspiring. It keeps me on my toes. It helps me grow and hopefully lets me fill my toolbox with one more skillset, one more opportunity for growth, one more opportunity to inspire others.


Gingerly kind of day? I don’t think so!

Go for it!

I’ve got this!


Good morning. I sit here trying to decide what kind of day I’m going to have. Yes, it is my choice. I feel tired this morning and that part of me wants to step gingerly into my day, take it slow and keep a low profile. Then on the other hand, if I dive in full throttle, cup of coffee in hand will that bring up my energy level? I think it might.

That is what I will do. Full throttle!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone has a fabulous and productive day! I know I will.

Dancing and relationships.

Daily Prompt: Dancing

dancing_couple-1024x768I have to admit that I miss dancing. I haven’t danced since I moved to Oregon two years ago. I get a small fix in my Zumba class, but I miss dancing as a couple. My husband and I took ballroom dance classes as well as Country and a bit of Salsa when we lived in Texas. It was fun but it was also a healing point, at least for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled women have come so far in our relationships and it is no longer the 50s-60’s where there was only one head of the household making all the rules. Today most couples share decisions. Both couples working may have started the shift, but I think it is more than that. We lead such busy lives now it is too much weight for one person to handle. We need to collaborate and delegate. Share the load. There are times where my husband and I take turns at the decision wheel. Certain things he is the lead on and certain things I take a seat at the helm. A few things we toss up and compromise on the spot. For the most part, we have settled into a system that works for us.  Here is the part that is going to sound like I miss the 50’s and I don’t. I’m just saying….

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Faint voices from the corner of my room.

Daily Prompt: Faint

From Streaming Sarah:

As I closed my eyes to sleep, a white light crossed my peripheral vision. My heart quickened. I turned toward the movement and exhaled when I realized it was the headlights of my neighbor’s car creating a beam of light on the far wall. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. I rested my head back on the pillow hoping for a few  hours of sleep. From the far corner of the room, I heard three male voices singing something that sounded like Happy Birthday. I strained to hear. It was  faint, but it was definitely Happy Birthday. Only it wasn’t my birthday. When I tried to turn my head in the direction of the voices, something or someone slammed my head back into the pillow and held it there. I pushed against the hand with my head trying to turn it in the direction of the voices. I was pinned with such  force the pillow raised around my head. Suddenly, the singing stopped and the pressure against my head lifted. I sat up and curled my legs underneath me, crouched, ready to spring forward and out of the room.

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Panacea – One solution for all?


Your Soul’s Cry for Change

Is there a Panacea for restlessness? There are so many reasons we become restless and it touches so many areas of our lives. We become restless in our relationships, our jobs, our friendships. Is it possible to have one Panacea, one solution?

I have learned after numerous cycles of making drastic changes, switching jobs every five years and changing relationships that chasing the next shiny object, starting over with something or someone new isn’t necessarily the best answer. The excitement is short-lived. When the newness wears off, the feelings stir again, and the cycle repeats. Instead, I realized that making small tweaks along the journey makes all the difference.

For me, the one solution that keeps me from feeling restless or feeling like I am in a rut is to always do something that inspires me. No matter how small. Plant a garden, learn a new language, write a daily word prompt. As long as I am growing, learning and staying inspired, the rest of my life balances out. When my focus changes to nose against the grindstone all work and no play, everything shifts and I start to feel like I am in a perpetual rut, stuck running the hamster wheel of life.

Stay inspired my friends!

You are a good egg.

Pup's prayer

Sorry I ate Mom’s crayons.

You are a good Egg. Don’t let anyone make you feel different. Have a great day!


I’m reading Captured Yesterday. He uses that expression. This is a book written by a friend. It is the diary of his grandfather during WWII. Check it out.

Captured Yesterday: The WWII Diary of Tony B. Lumpkin by Tony B Lumpkin via @amazon


Neighbors, What can I say?



Friends that have each other’s backs.


I’ve heard my share of horror stories of bad neighbors. You know the ones, party too loud all hours of the day and night, dog poops on the lawn. Upstairs neighbor sounds like an army marching through the apartment. Of course, there are the neighbors that become your closest friends having each other’s backs throughout the years, even long after you have moved on to a new neighborhood.

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Portland Rain


It is a cold and rainy day today. A perfect day for a nice bowl of chili that has been simmering on the stove. There are times when a nice slow simmer not only brings out the flavor but enhances the experience as the house feels with the delicious comforting smell. Then there are times when a slow simmer has the opposite affect.

Simmering about something someone has said or done to you can cause things to boil over. A simple misunderstanding can lead hurt feelings and anger that could be quickly dissipated if addressed. At one time or another, we all have made mistakes, said something we wish we could take back, and behaved in a way that we wished we hadn’t.

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German Shepard Mystery


Daily Prompt.

I went to a Halloween party on Sunday and met the most amazing German Shepard. Okay, I met some charming people as well, but I was particularly taken by the host’s three-year-old German Shepard and not just because I’m an animal lover. He was so gentle and kind, his eyes were soft, and he made full eye contact when he requested a petting or invited me to tug on his toy.  It was a soul level request. I asked the owner if he had always been so calm or if he had undergone professional training. I was told he was adopted with no known history. What a mystery I thought. Why would someone give up such a friendly well behaved dog?



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