Anonymous gifts start arriving at the doorstep

This week’s short story:

Topic: Anonymous gifts start arriving at the doorstep

You must include the following in your story: Teenager, screen door, camouflage wrinkle, birch, dive, harmony, pick-up, rifle, sticker

I opened the screen door to grab the morning paper. The neighbors 15-year-old was playing Army with his younger brother Sam who was in full camouflage hiding behind my birch tree. Sam propped his rifle  tight against his shoulder and aimed it directly at his brother’s head.

It was sweet of Tommy to be playing with his younger brother. At his age, I figured he would be practicing pick-up lines on some cute teenager.

I sat on the porch swing to watch them, and my foot kicked a small box. This was the third one this week. The other two were centered right in front of the door. I almost missed this one. Valentine’s Day was a few days away. I felt foolish thinking anyone would be crushing on me. I touched the wrinkle’s on my face and sighed. My heart took a dive. Someone was playing a trick on me.

After my husband died a few years ago, I kept to myself. I had not entertained the idea of dating again until the gifts started arriving. Each box had a “be my valentine” sticker on the package. This one had a cute kitten cuddling a box of chocolates and a card that said Always and Forever from your …  the rest of the card had images cut out from a magazine. It looked like a puzzle. The first image was a child the second was an image of a neighborhood then a piece of candy and the last picture was similar to the front of the card, a kitten holding a heart-shaped box of candy.

Child+hood+sweet+heart.  My childhood sweetheart? I sat up straight and looked around. Was Paul back in town after all these years? I could feel my heart beating against my chest.

“Paul?” I yelled.

Paul stepped out from behind a large oak tree holding a bouquet of flowers. His eyes sparkled, and his smile was just as dazzling. I miss my husband every day, but Paul and I had this fantastic harmony. I dropped the box and ran towards him. I was ready to love again.

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