The Life-changing magic of tidying up.

I’m reading this fantastic book called ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up.” I’ve done the annual sweep through the house and donate before, but she has a slightly different approach to letting go. Touch it, and if it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go. I cleaned out my office today, and I have to admit it feels better in there.

My husband and I were talking about the book with friends during a birthday dinner and the subject of birthday gifts and Christmas gifts came up with a sigh that it will just pile more stuff into the home that we are trying to minimize.

My husband and I decided from now on our gifts to each other would be towards making memories and not acquiring stuff. We agreed to gift each other a snow-shoe tour for Christmas at Mt. Hood. I’m so excited. We did this last year in Bend, Oregon and it was so beautiful.

I started thinking of all the times my in-laws and sister call and asked: “what is on the list for gifts this year?” This year I want to build a go-fund-me site for the family to add to instead of gifts. The site will be used for vacations. What do you think? I haven’t brought it up. Do you think this would be disappointing for them? How do you feel about it? Should I just say, visa card to be used on vacations?

Let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “The Life-changing magic of tidying up.

  1. beaconsoflife

    I’ve read that book. Loved it, but somehow it didn’t work for me. I think too much of my stuff brings me joy or I am just not willing to let go yet. I actually had to hire someone to help me purge. If I was in your sister’s and in-laws shoes (not knowing them), but I would be disappointed. However, if you explain what you are trying to do then they may understand. If they still want to get you something to open suggest something small along with the donation or visa card.


  2. watchingthedaisies

    I find gifts challenging as I grow older so last Christmas my sisters and I agreed to make each others gifts. It felt good to recieve something filled with love. I think a go fund me gift may cause offence but perhaps asking for donations to a favourite charity would work. Hope that helps. 🌼


    1. jkostakis Post author

      She liked the idea of a Visa card. Her bday is next week and she liked the idea of a card to use for her Paris trip. I make photos/videos of our gatherings over the year for Christmas presents. It is a great feeling to make the gifts. I agree with you. I love the charity idea as well.



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