Daily Archives: December 30, 2017

Book Review. Watching The Daisies

I was drawn to the book from following Brigid’s blog and couldn’t wait to read it. I entered her contest for a free copy and downloaded the kindle as well. I was a few chapters in when I found out I was the lucky winner. I was surprised at how much our lives parallel and felt like winning the book was a sign. I learned so much from Brigid’s enthusiasm, energy, and fearlessness and will cherish my signed copy.

I had been weighing a decision to travel to Ireland with friends February 2018, and when I got the signed book, I had my answer. The postmark was from Ireland! I knew I was on my way to a new adventure in Ireland. I called my husband and told him the book was confirmation we needed to go. He laughed and agreed.

I wish I had her bravery for solo travel and her adventurous spirit. Her adventures, the friendships gained, and lessons learned along the way were inspiring. Health issues caused a few shifts in her path but didn’t put a dent in her zest for life. She continues to live life to the fullest albeit at a slower pace. Her top ten tips for self-healing are spot on.

I highly recommend this book. It is an enjoyable read with great lessons on healing, being your authentic self, trusting your instincts and living life to the fullest.