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Enlightened – Multiple Worlds


Short Story – Flash fiction

I sit anxiously waiting for the Psychic Development meeting to start. My world has turned upside down in the past few months after my suicide attempt. The door to the spirt world opened when I crossed over and stayed open. I mean wide open. I was just starting to get used to working with the spirits when one became violent, and I’m not sure how to handle that. I need help deciphering symbols they are leaving behind as well. I have to reach out to other Psychics, hear their stories. I need to know I am not going mad, that I am not alone.

The meeting starts, it is my turn to share. “My name is Katie. I died for several minutes before the paramedics were able to start my heart again. I watched my rescue and hung out with my body at the hospital. I stayed out of my body for almost a week during my coma.”

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Defining Moments – Flash Fiction

Defining Moments.

I waited in the foyer for the wedding march to start.

“Friend of the groom or bride?” The usher asked as he held out his arm to walk me to my seat.

“Neither” I responded. I’m here for the father of the bride.” He looked confused but didn’t argue. I moved back to let him know I wouldn’t be taking a seat. He turned his attention to another guest.

His confusion was understandable, the bride’s father had passed away ten years ago. I guess in a way; I was here for the bride. My employee Harold was going to be a host body for her deceased father, Jeff Patterson, so he could attend his daughter’s wedding and walk her down the aisle. I thought back to my wedding and the picture of my mother holding space in the front of the church as a poor substitution for the woman that raised and loved me. Mom had passed when I was twelve. Her photo was the only way I could involve her in my wedding.

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