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Restlessness Journey-Transcending a Mundane Life into an Inspired One.


Your Soul’s Cry for Change

I’m writing a fiction book and wanted to share my journey from being restless to inspired. The book is called Restlessness, Your Soul’s Cry for Change. It chronicles the powerful impact of listening to your soul when it is ready to grow and the subtle changes you can make to tame the beast I call restlessness. I have learned after numerous cycles of making drastic changes, switching jobs every five years and changing relationships that chasing the next shiny object, starting over with something or someone new isn’t necessarily the best answer. At least for me. The excitement is short-lived. When the newness wears off, the feelings stir again, and the cycle repeats. Instead, I realized that making small tweaks along the journey makes all the difference.  Embracing new experiences and making even minor changes can take me from feeling like I am in a perpetual rut, stuck running the hamster wheel of life to being inspired again. Now I can respond to those nagging doubts – should I leave, stay, go, or try something new without hesitation.

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Listening-There is more to hearing than taking in the sounds that pass through your ears.


ear upKeeping the lines of communication is critical, but I find there is a second component to communicating. You have to be a good listener. I don’t have the greatest hearing and more times than not, I find myself asking someone to repeat themselves. Hearing is my problem child.



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Keeping open the lines of communication

ear kissIt is important to keep the lines of communication open. I love watching my dogs Max and Cooper communicate. If Max wants to play, he assumes the play-bow position. If Cooper doesn’t, he jumps on the couch with me, sending the message that he is not interested, thanks for asking.

Have you noticed there are times when you have such a heavy workload and tight deadlines that you feel charged by it? You hear people say things such as “I work better under pressure.” Then there are times with the same workload and deadlines that you feel you are going to snap if one more thing is added to your plate. Why the difference? Is it the feeling of being valued or not valued? We have an innate need to feel appreciated and to know that our contributions matter.

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