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Fluff – Author – Writer


My imagination soars!


I’m new to blogging, but not new to writing. I’ve written two books and enjoyed the process. I wrote a fiction and nonfiction book. I’m not saying my books are fluff, but I have a different feeling when writing a blog versus my books. Not that either of my books is superficial, I think that both in their own way have statements in-between the fluff.  When I wrote them, it felt like I was reaching out to the ethers, out to my imagination. When I blog, I go within. How do I feel about something? How I can I convey that? It’s actually a cool feeling. Writing daily prompts has really opened up my imagination and the days where I go within, dig deep and reflect are also the best writing days where thoughts flow freely from the ethers, interrupting my day to stop and write them down. I am loving what blogging has done to my fluff.


Gratitude​ helps your attitude.



I blogged on Gratitude earlier, but since it is today’s prompt, I pulled a section out of the earlier blog.

Having gratitude for the blessings in your life keeps you in a positive frame of mind versus focusing on what you feel is wrong in your life.

Gratitude is a recognition that you have many things in your life to be grateful for and I don’t mean stuff. For me, it is having loving and supportive people in my life, having my health, having a job I enjoy, and knowing that if something happened I would be able to shift a negative experience to an opportunity for growth. When one door closes, another door opens. A negative experience can bring gratitude as well. For example losing a job, maybe what is needed to redirect you to a better opportunity that you may not have taken if you stayed in your comfort zone. Starting your day with gratitude shifts the brain into a positive frame of mind helping shape your day. It can help you stay calmer and less reactive as your day unfolds. You choose the type of day you are going to have when you recognize and acknowledge everything you are grateful for. If you start your day negative, guess what kind of day you are going to have. Yep, more than likely a negative one.


Decisions – Right or wrong, just decide.

Go for it!

Make a decision and go for it!

Today’s daily prompt


Have you ever noticed that opportunities seem to open as soon as you make a decision as to what it is you want?  Some call it manifesting. If you visualize it or say it out loud you are likely to make it a reality. Staying on the fence seems to have the opposite impact. It keeps everything on hold.  Continue reading

Using your dreams for inspiration.​

Okay, in this case, it is using my nightmare. I had a horrible nightmare the other morning.  I just laid there waiting for my heart to stop pounding. Then I thought, holy cow, this is an awesome plot in my sequel Streaming James.  I ran downstairs and wrote out the entire outline. Is it cheating to use your dream to write your book? Feels a bit like cheating. It is still coming from my imagination right?

I thought nano November, I’ve got this!

“Always get an orange cat,” the vet said.

Munchkin and Max
I love this daily prompt. It brought back the sweetest memory.

“Always get an Orange cat,” the vet said.

I adopted Tiger from the pound and it was his first exam with our vet. He was my first orange cat, but not my last. We were laughing so hard because every time he tried to listen to Tiger’s heartbeat, Tiger would break out in the loudest purr when he placed his stethoscope on him. “I guess I’m just going to have to trust that his heart is healthy,” he said.

“Orange cats are the friendliest in my experience,” he continues.  He was so right. Tiger was such a loving part of our family. Our hearts still break at this passing and it has been 10 years. If you are at the stage of opening your heart to a new pet, get an orange cat!



Photograph Manipulation – Real to Surreal

original walk on beachbeachwalk

I love taking original photos and giving them a Surreal, dream-like quality. It puts me in a dream-like state to imagine who they are, what they are experiencing? Are they together? Are they strangers? Why is she walking ahead? Are they in a fight because he is looking at his phone and not enjoying the beach or their alone time?  It really opens my imagination when I take the sharpness out, remove the reality of the picture and blur the image just enough to give it a new feel.

It makes for a  fun visual writing prompt.

Identity – Holding on to your identity in a relationship.


I love that Identity is today’s prompt. I’ve been thinking of “Identity” the last few days.


I took this photo at Cannon Beach two years ago and used it as a backdrop for my “Second Chances”  Poem? Mission Statement? Not sure what I would call it. Second Chances – Here for A Reason

The photo was significant in several ways. One, it is the day my husband, pups and I got caught in riptide. I think that is what it is called. That is a story in and of its self. Future blog maybe. It seemed appropriate for a second chance poem.

The next significance was the people in the photo. Not sure who they are, but it reminds me of the second part of my mission statement. To experience life to the fullest. Sometimes that will be a shared experience, sometimes it will be a solo adventure.

The trigger for this insight?

Continue reading


words and music and stories


On October 24, 1593, a Spanish soldier called Gil Perez was mysteriously transported from Manila in the Philippines to the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City.
On that morning Gil Perez, who was a member of the Filipino Guardia Civil and worked as a guard at the palace of the Governor General in Manila, was doing his guard duties at the Governor’s palace All the soldiers were on high alert since Chinese pirates had assassinated the governor — Gomez Perez Dasmarinas – just a day or two before, and were awaiting the appointment of a new chief.
Gil Perez was tired and decided to lean against a wall and rest for a moment. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that he was no longer at the palace, but in a completely unfamiliar place. He was still wearing his uniform and noticed that people were approaching him to ask questions…

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